A Modern Fairytale


 Jessica is at a coffee shop, she just ordered a Latte and is waiting near the pick up area for her drink. Mark notices her from the order line and decides he would like to try and get her number. Mark boldly walks over to her and makes a comment on the book Jessica is holding in her hand, she looks at it and smiles. They chat for a couple minutes, the interaction is quirky and vulnerable and they both can feel a bit of chemistry.

Jessica’s latte is ready and as she says bye to Mark he clumsily asks for her number, she obliges and flutters out of the coffee shop blushing and smiling. Immediately, Jessica starts mass texting her closest girlfriends, she thinks its so adorable that a guy actually approached her in an everyday situation. Her girlfriends swoon, its so retro! They immediately ask all the details, and Jessica tells them the little information she knows: “His name is Mark, he loves to rock climb, he has a dog named buddy and he works in Marketing.”

Seconds later Jessica’s best friend replies with a text back, she has found him on, Twitter, Facebook, Likedin, and Instagram. She also found a youtube link to a recording of a high school play he was in and a copy of his parents public divorce papers. Jessica responds that she will be over to her friends house in a couple minutes to review all the information.

Meanwhile Mark feels victorious, he is walking around town like a boss. He knew he had a way with the ladies but to approach a random hottie at a coffee shop in this day and age? That puts him at baller status. He texts his friends that he, “got a number from a ten at starbucks, she was totally flirting with me, her name is Jessica or something, she lives near by, totally going to see what she’s up to after the game later.”

His friends messages trickle back in varying responses; “sweet bro,” “Get dat ass dude,” “is she dtf? does she have some slutty friends?” Mark responds with appropriate aloof coolness and continues on his day.

He is smiling and cant get the image of Jessica walking out of the coffee shop out of his mind. He sends her a text, “Hey, its Mark the guy from the coffee shop.”

Jessica looks at her phone, then quickly puts is back down. She is eyes deep in internet information on Mark, plus she doesn’t want to come off as desperate. She scans page after page of his photos: his trip to Thailand,  and his apparently rocking bar crawl on St. Patricks day. She pauses on a photo of him and a small blonde girl with a big rack. Who is she? They seem quite close in the photo and the caption reads “St. Paddy’s love.” Is she an ex? is she a current girlfriend? if she is a current girlfriend then he’s a pig. I wonder how many girls he’s dating? jessica’s thoughts fuel a fire and she picks up her phone. She sends Mark a text back, “Hey! Nice meeting you today :)”

She’s not going to let this one go, from the looks of it his parents have a beach house and a boat. So she will play the game, lead him in and then deny deny, that way he will want her more and forget about miss big blonde boobs in the pic.

Marks receives the text and smiles, bingo, he’s in. He responds quickly and without thought, “Yeah you too! What you up to tonight?”

Jessica is caught off guard by the message tone of her phone, he’s so quick to respond, she feels elated, like she has him just where she wants him she replies, “no plans really, how bout you?”

Then another rapid fire response from Mark, “nm” immediately followed by,”Wanna hang out or something? My buddies and I are watching the game at a bar down the street, we should meet up after.”

Jessica gets flushed as feelings of excitement and nervousness flow over her, she wasn’t expecting Mark to want to hang out with her tonight! She feels like she should say she’s busy, but she’s not, and he seems so interested in her, She thinks about how much his dog will love her. Jessica decides with a little squeal of excitement to go meet mark later and dazzle him with her sparkling personality, she’s already smitten. Especially after all the photos she’s seen, its hard not to imagine going to meet his family up in San Francisco for the weekend, she has always wanted to do an up the coast road trip. She replies, “Sure, text me when you want to get together.”

Jessica and her friends go about the rest of their day and night typically, except Jessica keeps reapplying her lipstick and checking her phone every couple minutes, which continues to be void of text notifications from Mark in which she cant help but feel slightly disappointed, yet even more determined.

Mark accidentally leaves his phone at home when he goes to the gym and the grocery store, he comes home and takes a shower only to realize he is late to the bar to watch the game with his friends. Once at the bar he is greeted with high fives and arm punches and immediately pounds a beer, his team is already ahead.

Hours go by and Mark proceeds to get progressively more drunk as Jessica, still message-less, gets more irritated with Marks seemingly lack of interest. Jessica scans the texts over and over, creating back stories for the photos she found on the internet of him and his life.

Mark checks his phone for the first time all night, quickly skimming through Facebook and instagram until he stops on a photo of his ex-girlfriend, in Maui wearing a tiny bikini and drinking a Corona, the slightly angry feelings he gets from the photo mixed with the alcohol makes him horny. He goes to his messages and texts Jessica, “whats up?”

Jessica jumps when she hears her message tone go off, she takes a deep breath and reads the text, her hands want to respond right away, but she puts the phone down and goes back to talking to her girlfriends, he made her wait this long, he can wait too, its all in the game.

Mark puts his phone back in his pocket, chugs another beer with his friends and goes back to the match.

Jessica feels ten minutes has been long enough, she goes to her messages and writes, “Not much, just having some wine with my girlfriends, what about you?” She hits send and feels good about the situation, like the power is back in her hands.

Phone still in his pocket, Marks team is now down by 1 point, it’s the final quarter and he and his friends are going primal, grunting, shouting, slinging beers fixated on the TV.

Twenty more minutes go by and Jessica checks her phone, no reply from Mark, she doesn’t understand, he seemed so interested in her, he was practically begging her to go out with him, whats wrong with her? Did he find that horrible photo of her online where her sister shoved carrots up her nose when she was sleeping? Jessica puts her phone on airplane mode, kind of a signal to her brain to relax and focus on something else.

Another half hour passes and Marks team has lost in the final seconds of the game, its upsetting but his drunken state has made him more hungry than mad. He says bye to his friends and stumbles back to his place, stopping to get a burrito on the way. Once home, full and still quite buzzed, Mark starts to feel horny again, the image of his ex in the bikini flashes through his head and he considers jerking off, but then remembers Jessica and views her unopened reply on his phone, with eyes squinted at the screen he fumbles through the phrase, “Just got home from watching the game, wanna come over for some netflix and wine?” He double checks his auto corrects to be sure it makes sense and hits send.

By now, Jessica is home and has all but given up on Mark, he went from man of her dreams, to ex-boyfriend in less than twelve hours and after the bottle or so of wine she had with her friends she mulls over the idea of reactivating her OkCupid account. Her phone makes that stomach sinking message tone and she glances over at it to notice its Mark. Her initial reaction is to press delete and calm herself with google images of ryan gosling shirtless, but her curiosity overcomes her. She replies with slight sarcasm,”So the game went late huh?”

Mark sends a quick text back, “yeah, we lost, come over.”

Jessica can sense his desire for her, she feels powerful once again and replies back, “So wine and netflix? thats whats going on?”

Mark is in a drunken sleepy state and ready to call it a night, but the Mark in his pants is doing all the thinking at the moment, “And this” he replies accompanied by a photo of his penis.

Moments later Mark falls asleep and Jessica, after considering sleeping with him, sends the photo to all her friends and deletes Marks number.

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